What is Health Management?

Health Management is a system of care that takes into account the whole person and its total influences.

Health Management provides a comprehensive and cohesive approach to a person’s health and care

Health Management takes into account how the world around us affects our health.

    • physical body
    • personal relationships 
    • psychological and environmental factors
    • nutrition 
    • exercise
    • electricity
    • mental 
    • transgenerational issues
    • spiritual 

There is a lot of talk about different, or new, ways to deliver (medical) care to patients. Each of these new ways offer a level of care that is not available in the Old Medical System (the “Matrix of Modern Medicine”) – the current system of drugs and surgery.

But these “new” ways do not offer a comprehensive approach to managing patients’ health and care, or an approach that help you consistently help patients navigate the complexities of medicine and health.

As you know, medicine and health (and the human body) are incredibly complex. And people do not want to (and most cannot) do it on their own. (We do all navigate on our own, but at what cost?)

All new forms of care offer “episodic” care; care done at specific times, or for specific reasons. 

This is simply another form of “sick care” that most of us have already grown to hate.

For a deeper understanding of what health management is, you can download the free book,

Navigating the New Health Economy

Health Management offers Health Professionals a unique opportunity.

Very few health professionals, if any, actually own their own time and work. The vast majority of these individuals or groups are owned by the vertically integrated American healthcare system that tells them how to get paid, when they get paid, and how much.

The New Health Economy – and specifically through a Health Management business – is a horizontally-integrated, ownership economy that allows individuals to be free to innovate, as the individual health professional, as Health Manager, or at least compete in a free market, profit-seeking system. 

For the first time in a long time, health professionals, as health managers, have the opportunity to own their own work and time. This allows them to actually be able to help patients the way they’ve always wanted to.

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