Transformation: from the Old to the New

We are on the cusp of one of the greatest transformations in all of human history. While I believe all of society will dramatically change for the better in the coming months and years, this blog is about the New Health Economy and the move from the Old Medical Economy.

We are moving from the “Gilded Age of Medicine” into a “Golden Age of Health.” (video)

This coming Golden Age of Health is the New Health Economy. So sure am I that we are on the cusp of this great transformation, I wrote a book for Health Professionals showing them how to navigate this great transformation. 

The download this new book, click here: Navigating the New Health Economy.

You can watch videos about each chapter and download the book. An audio book is currently in production. (Download the pdf version and we’ll send you the audio version when it’s ready…hopefully before the end of March 2024.)

The chapter titles are listed below.

“Navigating the New Health Economy”

A Note to Readers

Chapter 1 – Introduction to The New Health Economy

Chapter 2 – Understanding The New Health Economy

Chapter 3 – The Transformation to The New Health Economy

Chapter 4 – The New Health Economy is An Ownership Economy

Chapter 5 – “Get H” – How Horizontal Integration is shaping the New Health Economy

Chapter 6 – The Importance of the Entrepreneur

Chapter 7 – Innovation: Fostering and Taking Advantage of the Market’s Constant Imperfections 

Chapter 8 – The 3 Levels of Health Management

Chapter 9 – The Art of Healing, Built on the Science of Discovery

Chapter 10 – Transformation: The Golden Age of Health

Chapter 11 – Quod Fieri (Something to be done)

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