The Cowboy Spirit

The American Cowboy is a figure of pure and unfettered individualism and moral integrity.
Cowboys are the iconic symbol that is deeply entrenched in America and the “American Spirit.” 
Rooted in 19th century cattle herders, Cowboys are often seen as solitary figures navigating the vast expanses of the American West.
(For our international friends – and for those Americans that live on the East Coast, the American West is so enormous that one can drive an automobile for days without encountering a large city.  For those that don’t know, I travel all over the United States, almost exclusively by automobile, and with my trusty sidekick, Butter the Vizsla.)
Some cowboys were full of adventure. Some cowboys did not fit in with “normal” society. Some cowboys were running from something. Some cowboys were running to something.  Some cowboys had the life thrust upon them. Some cowboys chose the life.
No matter how a person became (or becomes) a Cowboy, they lived a life outside of the “normal” way of life. They escaped (or were run out of) “the Matrix” of their day.
We glorify (while some vilify) the American Cowboy. And we should heap praise on Cowboys because they’re the ones that have always done the jobs that no one else wants to do. Cowboys are also the ones that do the jobs that most everyone else thought could not be done.
To choose the way of the Cowboy is to choose a difficult path. The  American Frontier was vast, beautiful, full of opportunities, and, yet, sometimes harsh and unforgiving.  But those that chose the path of the Cowboy were self-reliant and maintained an unyielding pursuit of the American Dream.
This spirit of self-reliance and unyielding pursuit of the American Dream are quintessential American values.
(The American Dream = Every person has the freedom and the opportunity to succeed and attain a better life.) 
So, why are we discussing the American Cowboy, the American Frontier, and the American Dream?
First of all, this is not about America, per se. 
It’s about an idea that all people around the world are able to grab hold of and take for their own. 
This is the same attitude of those building and serving in the New Health Economy.
The idea is about a Spirit. Yes, it’s the American Spirit, but the America Spirit is available to all who want it. And that Spirit is represented by the American Cowboy as the Cowboy Spirit.
This “Cowboy Spirit” can be in all of us, whether we live in America or not.
The Cowboy Spirit, after all, is an Ethos.
And this Ethos is embedded in the zeitgeist of the New Health Economy.
Those building in and moving into the New Health Economy embody the Cowboy Spirit, whether you realize it or not.
And, in order to be successful in the New Health Economy, you must embrace this Cowboy Spirit and maintain the values of a Cowboy:
  • Independence 
  • Hard work
  • Rugged Individualism
  • Self-reliance
  • Courage
  • Hard work
  • Respect
  • Honesty
  • Loyalty
  • Adaptability
  • Freedom
  • Bravery 
If you want to build a business and help people find healing and health in the New Health Economy, you must embrace, embody, and live with the “Cowboy Spirit.” 
We’re all Cowboys and Cowgirls now.
For Impact and Profit,
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