Preparation Worksheet for the

New Health Economy Leaders

Podcast Interview

I am looking forward to interviewing you and telling your story.

Please make sure that you have, and have done the following, before our scheduled meeting:

The New Health Economy…

  • Is based on a true, free market, where no one person, group, or company – controls the health and medical system
  • Allows individuals, as owners, to make their own decisions
    • It also allows professionals to own their own time and work
  • Puts the focus on health, first, and by proximity, wellness. Medicine is third
  • Requires entrepreneurship that leads to real innovation
  • Focuses on the Art of Healing, which includes helping the body (and mind and spirit) heal itself
  • Focusing on the Art of Healing leads to real transformation – for both patients and professionals

Please be prepared to answer as many questions as possible. The more information you are prepared for, the more interesting we can make the conversation. Also, be honest. None of us has all the answers. As I write at the end of Chapter 1: I am “a beggar showing other beggars where there’s bread.”

I am very much looking forward to interviewing you and telling your story.

For Impact, Profit, and Health,

Mark J. Aubry

Impact Capitalist /Founder/CEO/Entrepreneur\/Educator/Author/Patient

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