Navigating the New Health Economy

“Navigating the New Health Economy”



Table of Contents

A Note to Readers

Chapter 1 – Introduction to this Book AND The New Health Economy

Chapter 2 – Understanding The New Health Economy

Chapter 3 – The Transformation to The New Health Economy

Chapter 4 – The New Health Economy is An Ownership Economy

Chapter 5 – “Get H” – How Horizontal Integration is shaping the New Health Economy

Chapter 6 – The Importance of the Entrepreneur

Chapter 7 – Innovation: Fostering and Taking Advantage of the Market’s Constant Imperfections

Chapter 8 – The 3 Levels of Health Management

Chapter 9 – The Art of Healing, Built on the Science of Discovery

Chapter 10 – Transformation: The Golden Age of Health

Chapter 11 – Quod Fieri (Something to be done)

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