The Health Management Program

We have built a model that will allow health professionals to live out their calling while running their own business, have the time to actually enjoy life, make a large impact on the lives of their patients, and make some good money in the process. Impact Health Management is a platform designed specifically for health professionals who want to make a meaningful difference in the lives of patients with their skills in the art of healing.

One of the biggest complaints of patients toward health professionals is the general lack of time patients get with their doctor. With eight (8) minutes being the average time a health professional spends with patients, it’s no wonder this is one of patients’ biggest complaints. Especially when most of that eight minutes is spent with the health professional staring at a screen or talking in technical jargon, lack of satisfaction abounds. 

But it’s not the provider’s fault. 

Today’s provider is incentivized to see as many patients in a day that he or she can. Because of this, the provider has been “institutionalized” in their thinking.

Those providers who believe they have overcome this notion of being driven by the “almighty dollar” and work for an institution that pays them a salary have been incentivized by the “safety” of a salary. With this, the institution, knowing its fixed costs, drives the doctor to see more and more patients because the doctor, as “provider,” has to comply with the wishes of his or her employer.

It has become apparent that the current economic model is not efficient, and will soon no longer be effective, let alone sustainable. 

After much thought and research, we decided that we had to look outside the fields of science and medicine to find an economic model that would incentivize both parties – health professionals and patients – to develop a symbiotic, long-term relationship.

This business model was developed due to the observed and experienced mismatch between what people need and what traditional providers offer. Through a system that was designed to incorporate holistic planning, health management, and regenerative treatments and therapies, patients are advised on how to simplify confusing and overwhelming complexities and find real health.

The advantage of this platform is that it changes the paradigm from “treat and street” toward one of strategy, management, and working with people who need more advanced advice and services. It was designed as both a systematic and dynamic process for allowing individuals to address and take control of their medical and health complexities.

This model is based on the idea that people desire four main things from their professional health advisors: 

  1. A personal relationship with their health professionals 
  2. Time with, and advice from, an advisor or manager
  3. To be active participants in their care
  4. Help navigating the complexities of medicine and health


We began asking the question: what if we build a platform based on the principles of membership? That is, what if we build a platform that allowed both patients and health professionals to feel as if they were part of something bigger than themselves? It is now well-known that many successful businesses build around peoples’ needs to belong, be connected, and focus on relationships over products and treatments.

Membership is one of those things that is timeless, important, and powerful. In fact, most people crave membership. And membership – belonging to something we believe in – makes us, as humans, feel good. Membership enables and helps build trust. In the midst of massive social change and developing technologies, the human need to belong remains constant. 

Through both research and experience, it has become apparent to us that companies that are structured around their customer, patient, or client actually become membership companies.

The more a company understands its patients’ needs, wants, beliefs, and attitudes, the better it can serve those patients. And the better those patients are served, the more loyal they become.
For a business owner, membership:

  • Creates recurring revenues and removes or eliminates “lumpiness” (the ups and downs of business revenues caused by shifting demand or the moodiness of the market place)
  • Builds direct relationships that strengthens the company’s brand, which strengthens the bond with the company. This is accomplished by putting the patient at the center of the relationship. This helps build loyalty, which, through referrals, grows the membership. Building loyalty and growing membership helps resist competitive threats
  • Integrates an on-going data stream. This can be used to better our services and treatments, identify future opportunities, and increase satisfaction for all stakeholders because both science of discovery and the art of healing is being applied to navigating the complexities of medicine and health.

Simply, membership:

  • Strengthens loyalty
  • Strengthens participation 
  • Strengthens referrals

An advisory platform coupled with a membership platform actually gives the health professional the time to provide the needed and necessary advice for patients.

Companies that focus on the needs of their members, tend to focus on the long-term value of the relationship, which leads to better patient-member lifetime value, as well as long-term and sustainable positive impact on the patient-member and a profit for the health professional, as a business owner.

Health Management Program

Patients who care about their health want to be active participants in their own health care. They also want an advisor that can help them sort through the complexities and difficult choices. This has never been more evident than in this emerging field of health management, where health professionals, patients, and innovators are learning (or being reminded) that the body is built to heal itself.

This realm of medicine and health is full of complexities; navigating these complexities requires patients to have a relationship with their health professional like they’ve never had before. Patients are already taking action by seeking out treatments all around the world; it would be great for these patients if they had someone to help them with providing: 

  • clarity in options 
  • advice and guidance on which options to choose, and
  • the relationship to give confidence in the choice of care.

Because of this, we have developed a platform called the Health Management Program or “HMP.”

The Health Management Program platform is at the center of both the Impact Health Management business model and patient care. It will change – and possibly revolutionize – the way medicine and health are practiced. The Health Management Program will advance the study, practice, and business of regenerative health management. The HMP platform will allow us to help both patients and health professionals navigate the complexities of medicine and health.

The Health Management Program allows health managers and medical advisors to provide the necessary time and advice. Impact health managers – and their staff – are  trained to help their patients navigate the complexities of medicine and health, including treatments not currently offered by Impact Health Management.

The Health Management Program is important for three (3) reasons:

  1. Contrary to most in this field, medicine and health is actually about a process, not about a procedure. And if the health professional is going to be the trusted advisor for their patient (and the collector of scientific data), they need to be compensated for their time and expertise.
  2. As we have shown throughout this email, patients need time with, and advice from, a professional who can navigate the complexities of medicine and health. And those patients who receive that time and advice will, in fact, pay for it. And they will pay for it, very well.
  3. The Health Management Program provides a new economic model for health professionals. Health professionals are actually incentivized to develop and maintain long-term relationships with their clients. (Which is the opposite of the current system.)

Membership has its Privileges 

As American Express taught us in the 1980s, membership has its privileges. And each level of the Health Management Program membership platform affords patients different levels of access, services, time, and attention. 

After an initial 45 – 60 minute consultation with the health manager or medical advisor, and some likely follow-up conversations or meetings, the health manager will develop the central coordination of the patient’s personalized health management treatment, therapy, and/or care. This includes working with, and likely, coordinating other professionals and specialists regarding the patient’s care.
Many would say that this is like being the Quarterback of the patient’s health management. But this provides too narrow of an analogy. The best example would be that of a General Manager of a professional sports team, where the patients is the owner of the organization.  Remember, the patient wants to be an active participant in their own care.

And just as different athletes or business executives need, and pay for, different levels of coaching, so too is it with the Health Management Program.

All Health Management Program levels have some of the same baseline membership privileges: 

  • access to a health manager to help answer questions as it relates to the patient’s treatment, therapy, or care
  • no waiting for scheduled appointments and meetings
  • objective and unbiased advice regarding the health management process, treatments, therapies, and care
  • courteous service from every member of the Impact Health Management team
  • central coordination of the patient’s individual care
  • basic labs, tests, and/or scans (paid for by the patient) before the health management process begins
  • access to a well-trained, skilled, and motivated health manager 
  • access to a health professional – one who is skilled in the art of healing – and not a provider
  • reduced prices on all treatments, relative to the industry. In most cases, they will be deep discounts compared to industry averages

This is a market and a platform that has application in the overall healthcare arena. But that is not our focus right now. Our focus is developing a business that can both advance personalized health management, fairly treat patients, and fairly compensate health professionals. In order to do this, we needed to find economic incentives that help health managers advance personalized health management. 

The only way we could do this was through an advisory and membership platform.

This is the Health Management Program.

The Impact Health Management Levels and Fees

Diamond      $2,000 per month

Platinum      $1,000 per month

Gold              $500 per month

Green            $250 per month

While the objective is to provide MASSIVE value for your Patient-Members – and not trade hours for dollars – the following is a guide on how you should NOT give more hours PER YEAR for your Patient-Members then what is listed.

Diamond Up to 36 hours PER YEAR

Platinum Up to 24 hours PER YEAR

Gold Up to 12 hours PER YEAR

Green Up to 6 hours PER YEAR

Potential Discounts

There are three potential options that you will have to offer “discounts” to your Patient- Members.

Immediate Family Discount – 50% Discount of the Health Management Program Level

If you have a Patient-Member who has signed up for one Health Management Program Level, that Member’s spouse, adult children, and the Member’s parents will have access to the Immediate Family Discount.

For example, if a patient is a Platinum Member ($1,000/mo), that member’s spouse, adult children, or parents will have access to the Platinum Member services and treatment/therapy prices, but will pay the Gold Level monthly rate ($500/mo).

Charter Membership – 50% Discount on the Health Management Program Level

When you start your RHM Office, you can give up to 20 “Charter Memberships”

A Charter Membership gives the Patient-Member the 50% discount

If you have a family member, center of influence, or someone that you think can bring you other Patient-Members, you can offer them a Charter Membership:

If you put a Patient-Member on a Platinum ($1,000/mo) Health Management Program Level, and offer that Patient-Member a Charter Membership, the Patient-Member will pay $500/mo and still have access to Platinum Level services and treatment/therapy prices.

You can NOT combine Charter Memberships with Immediate Family Discounts

Child (18 and under) of a Member

Children of Members who are 18 years of age or under can be offered monthly rates of $75 per month. This is at the discretion of the Health Manager.

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