Make a Real and Lasting Impact:

Become a Health Manager

Is this you?

  • A good listener and a great communicator
  • Empathetic
  • Someone who can ask powerful questions
  • A passion for health and wellness
  • An ability to build strong, trusting relationships
  • A willingness to learn and be coached
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Strong customer service and interpersonal skills
  • Demonstrated success at leading, motivating, coaching, holding accountable, directing, and/or achieving goals
  • Highly motivated with proven record of achieving results
  • Self-motivated and comfortable working  alone and in a team environment
  • Have a background, understanding, and interest in health, health management, wellness, and medicine
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Time management and multi-tasking skills
If you see yourself in this list, you should consider becoming a

Health Manager

What does a Health Manager do?

  • Develop and manage a health management plan with each Patient
  • Provide strategic health advice and guidance
  • Shelter patients from inconsistent and incongruent medical and health advice
  • Help manage the relationships between the Patient and the Stakeholders in the Patient’s health and care
  • Provide “relationship management.” This includes everything it takes – both visible and behind the scenes – to nurture and create positive relationships with the Patients and the Stakeholders in the Patient’s health and care
  • Guide Patients with product, service, and treatment details and options (“buy-side” advice)
  • Empower Patients to to set their own health and wellness goals
  • Support Patients as they make positive changes
  • Support Patients as they learn to recognize their own values, strengths, and insights
  • Act as a facilitator of change
  • Partner with Patients to help them navigate the difficult process of change
  • Partner with Patients to help them understand, manage, protect, and improve their health
  • Help Patients navigate the complexities of medicine and health

How does a Health Manager Manage Relationships?

  • Act as a liaison between – and collaborate with –  the Patient and Medical Advisors 
  • Act as a liaison between the Medical Advisor and other health professionals, as necessary
  • Help assess, organize, and coordinate resources for Patients
  • Build strong relationships to maintain existing Patient and acquire new Patients 
  • Provide one-on-one coaching
  • Facilitate group coaching with Patients
  • Embody the values and philosophies of Impact Health
  • Collaborate with Medical Advisors, and the Health Business Advisors to improve the Patient experience
  • Meet with Patients – in person, in video meetings, and on the phone
  • And more…

Who Can Be a Health Manager?

The Health Manager role is an innovative way to provide real care to patients.
The Health Manager role is ideal for:
      • MDs and DOs who want to provide real care to people and know that they need more than 8 minutes (Specialties: Family, Internal, Emergency, OB-Gyn, Physical, some Pediatricians)
      • Nurses/Nurse Practitioners
      • Physician Assistants
      • Naturopathic Doctors
      • Chiropractors 
      • Homeopaths
      • Health Coaches
      • Teachers
      • Relationship Managers
      • Entrepreneurial-minded professionals  
      • And more, but you have to attend the Impact Workshop & Retreat to see if it’s a good fit for you.
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