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Covid19 Vaccine Residual Analysis and Results

Impact Health Founder and CEO, Mark Aubry, is interviewed by Joe Stauffacher, about the Created for Health Covid19 Vaccine Residual Analysis and the Results.

Mark did the interview while in the mountains somewhere, so his video is a bit distorted. The video improves as the interview progresses.


Topics included in the Interview:

0:00 – Introduction to the Novel Approach that has technology that dates by to Nikola Tesla

2:00 – Research; no scare tactics

4:15 – Why the name “Covid19 Vaccine Residual Analysis” and implications

5:30 – Background (Regenerative Therapies and possible downstream effects). 

9:30 – Looking at the Residual Effects of the Vaccine and what are we analyzing

10:20 – The 3 Categories of Analysis and trying to prove ourselves wrong

13:50 – “What are you uncovering?” – 2 Broad Categories: 1) Placebo, 2) Transmission, not Shedding

17:40 – The first 5 Forms of Transmission

23:00 – “Can you get rid of the mRNA?”

29:42 – “What does it mean to ‘remove’ the Vaccine?”

31:55 – The 6th Form of Transmission and the 5 Levels of Healing

38:20 Exploring the Colors of Analysis (Red, Yellow, Green)

44:45 – “What can people do?”

48:15 – The Covid19 Vaccine Residual Analysis Kit

52:00 The process of gettin your Analysis and Report

54:00 The Privacy of the Process

58:00 Closing

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