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Develop Your Customized Impact Plan

in a One on One setting with Mark Aubry

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Praise from Previous Attendees

“Fantastic location, food, and accommodations…but the reality is: if you are apprehensive about going on your own, this experience will clear your head and allow you to process your feelings and emotions that may be holding you back. Mark does a great job of helping medical professionals recognize the road blocks we often put up ourselves that keep us from reaching our highest potential. His background in economics and psychology are the perfect blend for peeling back the layers that many of us have built up due to years of institutional abuse and organized brainwashing by huge medial organizations. The relaxed and low pressure environment showed me I don’t have to be a cog in the machine of a failed medical economy.”
  • DB, FNP-C,
“Thoughtful. Well-organized. Taught in a respectful, thorough manner regardless of the physician’s level of business acumen.”
  • VM, MD
“The Impact Workshop & Retreat was a high level business and health experience. Mark clearly has a strong grasp on the new health economy that is evolving and existing today. Any health professional that wants to restore their commitment to their OATH and their patients’ health should come to this.”
  • MW, MD, MBA
“At this time, with the practice of medicine becoming less and less enjoyable, coupled with the downward trajectory of compensation, this workshop and retreat was like an Oasis in the desert.”
  • JD, MD

Why come to the Impact Workshop & Retreat?

Time and again, health professionals tell me that what they really want to do is to make a positive impact on both their patients and society as a whole.

But they also used words like:

  • Goals
  • Understanding
  • Opportunities
  • Overcoming Obstacles
  • Lasting change
  • Options 
  • Healing
  • Health – real health – for their patients and themselves
  • Hope
  • Business
  • Value 
  • Lack of Control 
  • Fear of Business
  • Frustrations 
  • Transformation
  • And the desire to have a plan in place for their lives


Now that you’ve seen the How to Succeed in the New Health Economy Master Class, you know:

  • How to Compete in the New Health Economy
  • What the New Health Economy is and how to take advantage of the 7 emerging trends
  • What patients REALLY want
  • How to guarantee that you get the right patients – every time
  • How a specialist or surgeon becomes a Medical Advisor
  • How to escape the Matrix of Modern Medicine 
  • And how to Compete, find Impact, and make a Profit.

Now you can truly transform your own life.

Sure, these are all well and good…

But, how do you do it?

How do you put something together to allow yourself to find Impact in your life

  • For your patients?
  • For yourself and your family?

And overcome the stress, strain, and fear that so many feel?

This is why we created the Impact Workshop & Retreat.

The Impact Workshop & Retreat is a 2 ½ day workshop and retreat in the beautiful mountains of Colorado, just outside of Denver.

It’s designed to help you find your place in the New Health Economy.

The Impact Workshop & Retreat is broken down into four main sections:

  1. Develop Proper Mindsets and Overcome Limiting Beliefs
  2. How to Build a Business in the New Health Economy
  3. The Future of Medicine and Health
  4. The Options and Opportunities in the New Health Economy 

If you were to pay attention to the Flight Attendant before the plane takes off, most of us don’t, I know, but, if you did…

You’d hear that Flight Attendant saying that, “In the event the oxygen masks are needed, please put your mask on first, before you help those around you.

The Impact Workshop & Retreat is designed to:

  • Help you put your mask on first
  • SO you can help those around you

By putting your own mask on first, you being to focus your attention on making you the best you that YOU can be…

The Impact Workshop & Retreat will help you:

  1. Break through anything keeping you from achieving your calling in the New Health Economy 
  2. Unlock and release what’s inside of you
  3. Surpass your limitations
  4. Achieve your goals
  5. Take control of your life
  6. Overcome fear and transform into who YOU want to be
  7. And understand your options and opportunities in the New Health Economy

And we do all of this One on One, with all of the focus on you and your Plan.

Customized Impact Plan

Your Customized Impact Plan will help you:

  • Determine what you Value
  • And when you know what your Value, you can determine what you Believe
  • And when you know what you Believe, you can make decisions about your life
  • And this leads to determining your WHY

There are four outcomes that will be codified in your Customized Impact Plan:

  • You’ll make a Decision (3 of them, actually) that will determine a Direction
  • Your Direction will determine what Information you need
  • You will determine exactly how YOU will Transform from where you are to where you expect to be
  • And you will determine what and where your Community is

There are four takeaways:

  • A Start up Workbook, chocked full of valuable information
  • Your Customized Impact Plan that will guide you as you navigate the New Health Economy
  • A Free Book: The New Health Manager 
  • And a new Outlook on life

Impact & Workshop Retreat Details:

  • Begins Thursday afternoon and goes through Saturday evening
  • You get:
    • Dinner and snacks on Thursday
    • 3 meals and snacks on Friday
    • 3 meals and snacks on Saturday
    • 3 nights in a very nice hotel
    • More than 26 hours of coaching, training, and guidance as you develop your Customized Impact Plan
  • The Impact Workshop & Retreat – One on One is easily a $25,000 value
    • (When we do 1 on 1 coaching, we charge a minimum of $1,000 per hour)

That’s why the Impact Workshop & Retreat: One on One is:


The Impact Workshop & Retreat: One on One is an intensive 2 1/2 day workshop and retreat will

  • be an immersive experience 
  • be a catalyst for change in your life
  • remove the ordinary and monotony of every day life
  • help you gain perspective and get support 
  • help you confront reality and gain a fresh perspective 
  • be a safe place for you to begin the process toward lasting change 

Yes, for patients, but most importantly for you and your family.

If you’re ready to reserve your seat for the Impact Workshop & Retreat: One on One, click on the “Yes! I want to apply for the Impact Workshop & Retreat: One on One” button.

As part of the application process for the Impact Workshop & Retreat: One on One, you will speak with an Impact Coach about your place in the New Health Economy and whether or not the Impact Workshop & Retreat: One on One is right for you.

We’re looking forward to speaking with you and then, hopefully, seeing you in the beautiful mountains of Colorado!

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