Cameron Duffy, MD, MBA

Health Manager & Medical Advisor

Transforming the Way Your Health is Managed

Welcome. My name is Cameron Duffy and I am a Health Manager and Medical Advisor with Impact Health Management.

Here are some highlights about me and how I like to take care of people:

  • As a Medical Doctor I am a healer, counselor, advisor, advocate, analyst, and educator to and for my patients.

  • As one who is and has been a business owner, along with my advanced business degree (Masters in Business Administration), I have a unique understanding of, and appreciation for, the business of medicine and health.

  • My purpose is to transform the way health is managed by doing what is right for my patients and their families
  • I am a strong believer in fairness and I have a strong sense of responsibility to those I serve.

  • My specialties include:

    • understanding and caring for those with dependency disorders
    • developing plans that help people find success in their own lives
  • Focused on developing long-term relationships with individuals and families

  • I make sure that you have plenty of time to find the correct path forward and provide the necessary advice to help you walk that path

  • I expect that you will be an active participant in your own care

  • Adept at helping you navigate the complexities of medicine and health

  • I am an airplane pilot and I try to get into the air as often as I can

  • I love biking, skiing, snowboarding and I am happiest when I’m doing these activities with my wife and our four sons.

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