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No health care is without risks or is guaranteed to be successful.  While Naturopathic and/or Homeopathic treatments, remedies, or formulations are generally more safe than other systems of medicine, there are potential risks in these treatments and therapies as well.  We ask you to acknowledge your awareness of this by signing below. 

By signing below, you acknowledge and understand that:

  • Your Impact Health Manager and/or Medical Advisor do(es) not recommend that you discontinue any other treatment or care provided by any other health care professional, unless expressly written as a recommendation to do so with specific reasons why.
  • There is no expressed or implied guarantee of any specific outcome with your treatment, remedy, or formulation by your Impact Health Manager. The care provided may or may not be a treatment for a specific disease, and may be preventive in nature, designed to improve the overall health and well being.
  • Your Impact Health Manager will always strive to provide full disclosure of all information relevant to a person’s care, and to answer all questions a person may have to the person’s satisfaction. The better one understands, the more fully one can participate in one’s own healing.  We encourage all questions regarding any aspect of care.  Please feel free to ask about any aspect of care, future care, expected outcome, and what to do if any difficulties or possible negative outcomes should arise.
  • Natural healing may occasionally generate a “healing reaction”. Generally, this will be a flu-like state with fever for a few days, but may be different from that, and may require expert attention and guidance to the next stage of healing. Do not hesitate to contact your Impact Health Manager regarding any issue that may arise.
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