How Does the Analysis Work?

The Created for Health Covid 19 Vaccine Residual Analysis

The Created for Health Blood Spot Analysis has its base in Quantum Mechanics.

The fundamental notion of Quantum Mechanics is based on a “quantum.”

A “quantum” is the minimum amount of a physical entity involved in an interaction.

All physical entities maintain and radiate their own unique electrical signatures.

Quantum can be “quantized.” This means that energy can only exist in certain and distinct values.

The most efficient uses of energy, as electricity, are when that electricity is managed and maintained within a circuit.

A circuit is an unbroken loop of conductive material that allows charge carriers (“electricity”) to flow continuously without beginning or end.

If the circuit is “broken,” the conductive elements no longer maintain a continuous charge.

All things – the components of the human body and the physical entities that get into the human body – contain their own electric signatures. This includes, but is not limited to: organs, blood, hormones, cartilage, food, chemicals, DNA, Covid 19 spike proteins, and vaccines.

If there is an issue with a particular physical entity, the current “breaks” or cuts the path and stops the continuous charge. When the body has no issues with the physical entity that is introduced, the circuit stays closed and allows charge carriers to flow.

This allows for a, relatively, simple analysis of anything that could be in the body.

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