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Impact Workshop & Retreat

Praise for the Impact Workshop & Retreat

“Fantastic location, food, and accommodations…but the reality is: if you are apprehensive about going on your own, this experience will clear your head and allow you to process your feelings and emotions that may be holding you back. Mark does a great job of helping medical professionals recognize the road blocks we often put up ourselves that keep us from reaching our highest potential. His background in economics and psychology are the perfect blend for peeling back the layers that many of us have built up due to years of institutional abuse and organized brainwashing by huge medial organizations. The relaxed and low pressure environment showed me I don’t have to be a cog in the machine of a failed medical economy.”
  • DB, FNP-C,
“The Impact Workshop & Retreat was a high level business and health experience. Mark clearly has a strong grasp on the new health economy that is evolving and existing today. Any health professional that wants to restore their commitment to their OATH and their patients’ health should come to this.”
  • MW, MD, MBA
“At this time, with the practice of medicine becoming less and less enjoyable, coupled with the downward trajectory of compensation, this workshop and retreat was like an Oasis in the desert.”
  • JD, MD

Free Report: 7 Emerging Trends in the New Health Economy

This report is not about emerging trends in specific treatments or therapies. 

While those are changing, too, the focus of this report is on the emerging trends in HOW health professionals will work and thrive in the New Health Economy as the Old Medical Economy fades and becomes less important in the lives of both health professionals and patients.

(Click on the picture to get your copy of the Free Report: 7 Emerging Trends in the New Health Economy.)

Free Book: Navigating the New Health Economy

Click on the picture to the right to watch videos about Navigating the New Health Economy. You can also download your free copy of Navigating the New Health Economy.

The book discusses the coming collapse of the American Medical System, what the New Health Economy is, as well as the keys to the New Health Economy. 

Download the book to find out why author Mark Aubry believes we are on the cusp of a “Golden Age in Health.”

Masterclass: How to Succeed in the New Health Economy

“The Masterclass is really well executed… you are the Tony Robbins of Healthcare. 

The flow of the arguments is impeccable… focusing on the experience of doctors.”

– A recent Masterclass attendee

Click on the picture to learn How to Succeed in the New Health Economy.

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