Emerging Trends…a long time in the making

In August of 2023, I wrote an article to be published by the National Health Federation. The article was about the 7 Emerging Trends in the New Health Economy. They did not publish it; here’s essentially what the article was about:

Boosting Health Freedom. This is one of the most important concepts for which the National Health Federation advocates. 

Freedom. But with our Health. 

Yet, we haven’t had true freedom with our Health for many years – possibly decades. And it’s getting worse. 

Doctors are burned out. Nurses are burned out. Patients are not getting what they want. (None of those three groups are getting what they need.) 

Almost 70% of doctors are actively looking for something else to do. 

More than 90% of nurses are actively looking for something else to do. 

More than 50% of patients are unsatisfied with the care they receive.  

Patients are getting worse. 

To make matter worse, the science is getting worse! 

In the midst of this, a growing New HEALTH Economy is emerging.  

Health. This is not the allopathic medicine of drugs to numb the pain and surgeries that are medically unnecessary.  

Health. REAL health.  

The New Health Economy has been developing – and thriving – for some time now. And it’s only going to get bigger. 

The New Health Economy is outside the current system of what think of as “traditional” medicine and healthcare. 

No, the New Health Economy is NOT “alternative medicine.”  

Yes, the New Health Economy is a real alternative to the captured and controlled (and collapsing) Old Medical Economy, which I pejoratively refer to as the Matrix of Modern Medicine.  

There is NO Health Freedom in the Matrix of Modern Medicine.  

The New Health Economy focuses on real health care, rather than “sick care,” as the current Matrix of Modern Medicine does now. 

The New Health Economy is based on a true, free market, where no one – person, organization, group, or government – controls the medical or health system. More importantly, there is no control over personal health decisions of individuals – health professionals or patients.  

The New Health Economy allows individuals, as owners, to make their own decisions because, as owners, they own their own time, work, and/or health.  

The New Health Economy affords and allows patients better quality – of both life and care.  

The New Health Economy is not just for patients; it offers health professionals a better quality of life and the opportunity to do what they really want to do: offer real care for their patients.  

We are on the cusp of one of the greatest transformations in our lifetimes, if not the last several hundred years.  

We are at the dawn of the Golden Age of Health.   

But before we get there, we need to understand the 7 emerging trends in the New Health Economy.   

I wrote a Report about these emerging trends; if you want to go deeper into each trend or gain a greater understanding of the New Health Economy, you can download the free report here:


Free Report: 7 Emerging Trends in the New Health Economy


You can download my book Navigating the New Health Economy here. 

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