Mark Aubry

Founder, CEO, Entrepreneur, Education, Patient

Mark Aubry has been an innovative and entrepreneurial business owner throughout his professional career. He has spent the last 25 years focused on, and an expert in, the business of medicine and health. 
He is widely considered a global leader in the New Health Economy. 
Mark founded and ran his first business 30 years ago while a university undergrad and college basketball player. For almost 25 years now, Mark has focused on building businesses that provide strategic guidance to entrepreneurs, business owners, and physicians by helping them understand, manage, protect, and grow their resources. He’s done this in the fields of construction, wealth management, consulting, telecommunications, biotechnology, medicine, and health. 
As a teacher and adjunct professor, Mark has taught Economics, Psychology, Business Management, Finance, and Entrepreneurship. After five years of teaching full-time, Mark started and ran his own financial planning and wealth management firm while teaching as an adjunct professor at Illinois Wesleyan University. In his financial planning and wealth management firm, Mark developed and led a team-oriented approach called Beyond Financial Planning and worked almost exclusively with business owners and physicians who owned their own practices. This gave him great insight into two main areas: the business of medicine and the mind of the physician.
While running his financial planning and wealth management firm, Mark and his family started a charity called Hoops for Haiti, where they used basketball as a means of outreach in Haitian communities. Along with managing the day-to-day operations, Mark led basketball camps and clinics for youth and coaches in Haiti, led fundraising efforts, developed relationships and partnerships with schools, basketball programs, and universities throughout the United States and Canada to collect uniforms and other basketball equipment, and set up basic shipping and receiving centers – in both the U.S. and Haiti – for the collection and distribution of equipment.
After several years of short-term trips, Mark decided to take a sabbatical from American life for one year. He moved his whole family to Haiti where Mark started several businesses with Haitian partners, advised many Haitians on business and entrepreneurial development, taught a business overview course at a Seminary for Haitians training to be pastors, and lectured in churches, schools, and at civic organizations about entrepreneurship and free market economics.
After the one year sabbatical in Haiti, Mark and his family returned to the United States. Mark consulted on the start up of, and later became the Chief Operating Officer for, Mariam Global Health, a global biotechnology company that had a focus on early stage regenerative treatments, therapies, and devices. As the COO, Mark managed the day-to-day operations, performed pre-investment due diligence, and worked with, developed, and helped build the foundations under the businesses of scientific and medical innovators. It was also Mark’s responsibility to manage a network of global relationships and partnerships throughout Europe, the Middle East, Asia, the Caribbean, and the United States.
Since 2013, Mark has focused on regenerative medicine where he has researched, observed, and had an untold number of conversations with scientists, physicians, and patients in the United States and around the world. Rather than focusing on the 20th Century medicine model of trying to put regenerative treatments into the proverbial box, Mark has decided to focus on helping patients and health professionals navigate the complexities of regenerative medicine, overall health, and personalized care.
From his one-on-one work with physicians and scientists, coupled with his understanding and expertise of regenerative medicine, Mark designed and developed a regenerative medicine clinic, where he developed systems, processes, procedures, and protocols for treatments and therapies, as well as for doctors, staff, and patients. While building the regenerative medicine clinic, Mark developed a new system for treating both patients and health professionals. The new system realigns economic paradigms, promotes the primacy of the patient-physician relationship, and helps “providers” become healers again. This new system is Impact Health Management.
Mark is an Impact Capitalist and believes strongly in the virtues of free market capitalism and its incredible potential to make a meaningful difference in the lives of people. He is a co-founder and Chief Evangelist of Impact Capitalist, a company that inspires and provides resources for business owners, entrepreneurs, and physicians who strive to use their business to make a positive impact in the lives of others. To further help physicians and other health professionals, Mark developed and launched a business platform specifically for physicians called Impact Physician. This platform helped physicians understand, manage, protect, and grow their business and personal resources as they navigate the complexities of business ownership while pursuing both impact and profit. This platform has evolved into the Impact Health platform.
Mark has written seven books and many white papers and reports, including Navigating the New Health Economy.
Mark is an excellent and dynamic speaker and presenter. He has developed the expertise to synthesize complex issues into simple explanations. He has the ability to develop and capture ideas, construct strategic plans, and act on the ideas by executing and carrying out the strategic plans.
Mark and his family enjoy outdoor activities, basketball, soccer, skiing, traveling, reading, and learning new information.
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