Mark Aubry

  • Economist and former Economics and Psychology professor/teacher
  • Entrepreneur and former Entrepreneurship professor
  • An advisor to Physicians and Physician-business owners for more than 20 years
  • A specialist in human decision-making and understanding WHY humans make the decisions they do
  • An expert in the business of regenerative medicine
  • Author of 7 Books, 5 white papers, and 2 reports on the business and psychology of medicine, care, and the future of health
  • Founder and CEO of 2 companies that specialize in working with health professionals and patient care in the new health economy
  • Has worked with, observed, advised, coached, and been a business partner with hundreds of health professionals and scientists
  • Has been working on the business of medicine and health for as long as most health professionals have been working on the practice of medicine

To watch/read interviews of Mark: 

“How Big is the Upside” of the New Health Economy? from the National Federation of Health

Bare Minimum Medicine: “Creating White Coat Factory Workers” from The Daily Clout

Nothing is More Powerful Than an Idea Whose Time Has Come from Health Biz and Politics

Mark Aubry discusses Medicine, Health, and Technology for the University of Louisville’s Communication Technology course

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